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Anti Aging and Longevity

Anti Aging and Longevity

Aging is not a natural consequence of time. It begins in adulthood, continues into middle age and accelerates after the age of fifty. Aging is a disease and anti aging is slowing down if not controlling the disease of aging. Time does not age you but abuse does. All degenerative diseases are signs of free radical damage to your cells. Delaying or slowing down that damage is termed anti aging. One can achieve longevity through proper nutrition and a change of lifestyle inclusive of daily exercise.

Reasons why we age:

Assimilation of nutrients is lessoned due to depletion of enzymes and lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Build-up of toxins in the body from foods and the environment.

Reduction in metabolism, causing over weight, which further aggravates the situation by causing inactivity.

Reduction in breathing capacity, restricting oxygen supply to the cells of the body.

Free radical damage to the cells of the body.

Aging is a result of how you have lived. Aging is like a bank account . You draw out in later life exactly what you have put in along the way. However ,it is never too late to renew both your body and mind with anti aging strategies. Dying is inevitable but we can grow old with out the aches and pains of aging. So I encourage you to become aware and do something about your aging.

Disease is not a consequence of aging but rather of poor choices and lifestyle, and it begins at the cellular level, so feed your cells with proper nutrition and regenerate them .Only you can make that decision to make the lifestyle change, in your eating habits ,in your exercise programme and in taking a proper anti aging supplement for your health., and in avoiding abuse to the body like smoking, excessive drinking, and drug usage.

All degenerative diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, are not separate and distinguishable entities: they are merely different expressions of the free-radical damage to your cells. Delaying, if not eradicating, that damage due to free radicals is anti-aging.

Ways to Prevent Aging Prematurely

Don’t overindulge yourself in excesses, such as smoking, drinking, and drug abuse; and don’t adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude in your lifestyle.

You breathe all through your life. Your breath of life from God is essentially life-giving oxygen, without which there is no form of life in you.

Why is correct breathing important to longevity? You take about 20,000 breaths each day (12-14 breaths per minute).You get rid of your body’s toxins, such as carbon dioxide, through breathing. You cleanse and oxygenate your blood through breathing. You increase your energy and endurance through breathing. You manage and control your pain through breathing. You lower your blood pressure and even cholesterol level through breathing. You clear your unpleasant emotions through breathing. You de-stress yourself through breathing. You enhance your concentration and clear-mindedness through breathing.

Doing everything in moderation is always a great attitude to adopt. Never over eat, and try to avoid environmental stress like extreme heat and cold. Do not tire your self out. Have adequate sleep and rest. Stressing your self out destroys the immune system. Is it really worth it to achieve great success at the expense of your health? Learn how to relax and be a channel for the energies of the universe. Learn how to open yourself to these forces through relaxation and meditation.

There are many anti-aging factors that may help you live longer and stay younger: however, genes play an important role in anti aging but you can still make up for it if you don’t have good genes by adopting a healthy anti aging lifestyle.

Optimism is anti-aging. Don’t worry and be happy. This is simple and down-to-earth wisdom that holds the key to longevity. All long-lived people are optimistic, and don’t let troubles make them depressed, passive, or inflexible. Stress is a real killer, and it really ages a person fast. Go after good stress like sexual excitement and sport thrills and other physical challenges..

Humour is not only great medicine for anti aging but some say it also burns calories. It helps you to change your attitude from a negative one to a positive one. Develop a sense of humour in life. Laugh at yourself as well as others. Laughing in the face of adversity, even of death, relieves your stress and lightens your mood. Humor is the way of life, especially for those who are aging. An individual who has a sense of humor and who laughs all the time lasts and lives longer.

Always try to keep your mind active. Keep on studying, or playing games to challenge and develop your mental capacity.

Keep your relationships healthy. Learn to forgive, Release all negative feelings towards others. It’s always better to have a friend than an enemy. Imagine that you have a huge eraser and erase unpleasant memories or imagined or real injustices towards yourself. Don’t hold on to bad experiences , rehashing and rehashing them in your mind. It harms no one but you. Learn to release them. Contribute to making a relationship a happy one. Instead of itemizing what the other person is not doing for you, try to make a list of things you can do for him or her.

Companionship does not have to always be with a partner, so if you do not have one , develop companionship with your co workers, neighbors, friends. Sharing thoughts and feelings with others is anti-aging healing in itself.

Learn to balance your emotions not by suppressing or ignoring them, but by harmonizing and transforming them, such that they become part of your spirituality. When you are captive to your emotions, that is, allowing yourself to be controlled by them, it would be difficult for you to become spiritual. Do not allow yourself to go to the extreme with your emotions that you lose control. Find the middle place, neither extreme joy nor extreme sorrow, so that you can have harmony and peace for longevity.

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